Benefits of getting involved


Change a teen’s trajectory

Invest in the future through teen mentorship in our classes or 1:1.

Build lasting relationships

Join a community of passionate individuals committed to making a positive change.


Have fun

Experience the joy of helping students bring their coding projects to life.

Make the tech industry more just

Be a part of the solution to bridge the gap in tech access and opportunities.


Taking action. Building relationships.

Getting involved at Mission Bit is all about making a difference in the lives of youth of color for the long run. Read more about the ways our supporters have changed the lives of students. And have been changed themselves.

Indya Dodson

“I’ve been so fortunate to move to Silicon Valley and give back to students who are just like me at Mission Bit. I’m grateful for every opportunity and want to continue to guide and inspire the next generation of engineers.”

Kaila Jones

“Being a part of Mission Bit has shifted how I think about learning. There truly is room for everyone in tech. More than anything, it has affirmed the power of building a community founded on acceptance.”

Michael Elias, Mission Graduates/Mission High School

“Mission Bit is attentive to the needs of our school and students, going above and beyond in all phases of the program. Mission Bit pairs education with experience, making sure the content speaks to students’ identities.”

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