Thanks to the team that made the Mission Bit Gala possible

Cora Monokandilos | November 9, 2018
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A special Thank You to the team that made the Mission Bit Second Annual Gala possible.

Gala Event Planner Emillio Mesa and Mission Bit CEO Stevon Cook

Dear Friends,

There are many thank you messages I plan to share over the next several weeks to everyone that supported our Gala on November 1, 2018. I wanted to start by highlighting our vendors, speakers, special guests, volunteers, staff members and board members that were the engine behind such a wonderful evening. If you are planning an event, I encourage you to reach out our vendors below. I’ve linked their information if you’re interested in connecting with them.

In Community,

Stevon Cook

Event Vendors

Event Planner: Emillio Mesa

Graphic Designer: Jose Zamudio

Motion Graphics: Wesley Phung

Videographer: Brian Strom

Music: DJ Dion Decibels

Photographer: Willy Chen

Photographer: stayreddy photography

Photographer: Chloe Jackman

Student Speakers

Amara Santos

Oscar Tiong

Dulce Palacios

Nicholas McNealy

Special Guest

Mayor London Breed

Golden State Warriors

State Senator Scott Weiner

Supervisor Ahsha Safai

Rudy Corpuz Jr.

Event Volunteers

Krista Lane
Christina Jung
Christopher Tibbs
Sebastian Gallese
Airika Adams
Stephen Reed
Ryleigh Hazen
Stephen Marlow
Lee White
Paul Knudsen
Chuleenan Svetvilas

Joy Wang
Jonathan Piper
Lena Stahlschmidt
Sabrina Kassab
Tarin Rogier
Simone Bundang
Vivian Ngo
Rachel Carandang
Stacy Gee
Matt Lopez
Alexis Vana
Carrie Fan
Lucas Wotton
Asha Sreekumar
Christina Benitez
Charrell Sherman
Zaynah Shaik
Rosina Ghebreyesus
Hannah Musson
James Koshigoe

Mission Bit Staff

Christina Ortega

Juliana De Heer

Davontae Foxx Drew

Fatima Munib

Gustavo Rodriguez

Elias Lawson-Fox

Adrian Smith

Stephen Yu

Ryan Shee

Colin Bean

Obaid Chintam

Mission Bit Board of Directors

Clive Downie

Jeff Schnitz

Bob Ippolito

Michael Walker

Brian Clark

Jill McNay

Abhay Kumar