AT&T empowers Mission Bit students with laptop donation

Mission Bit recently celebrated a significant milestone in its mission to bridge the digital divide, thanks to a generous donation of 100 laptops from AT&T and their partner Human I-T. The donation event, held at LinkedIn’s impressive venue, saw laptops distributed to students from Mission Bit’s Spring cohort, ensuring that those without personal devices can continue their computer science education seamlessly.

The event highlighted the importance of providing essential tools to underserved communities, particularly students eager to learn and excel in the tech field. This initiative aligns perfectly with Mission Bit’s goal of making STEM education accessible to all, empowering students to develop the skills they need to succeed in a technology-driven world.

Cammy Blackstone played a pivotal role in facilitating the donation, working diligently to ensure that the laptops reached the students who needed them most. Her efforts were instrumental in making the event a resounding success. Cammy’s dedication and hard work exemplify the community spirit and commitment to educational equity that Mission Bit strives to foster.

Ercan Erberk, an enthusiastic volunteer from AT&T, was on hand to help distribute the laptops. His involvement not only exemplified AT&T’s commitment to community support but also added a personal touch to the event, making it memorable for the students. Ercan’s presence and hands-on assistance highlighted the impact that corporate volunteers can have in local communities, reinforcing the value of direct engagement in philanthropic efforts.


Adding to the significance of the day, Mahanaz Ebadi, representing District 6 Supervisor Matt Dorsey‘s office, presented each student with a Certificate of Honor. This recognition served to celebrate the students’ dedication to their education and their potential to achieve great things with the new resources provided to them. Mahanaz’s participation showcased the importance of civic support and acknowledgment in motivating students and validating their hard work and aspirations.

Rey LaChaux , Digital Equity Manager at the City and County of San Francisco, also joined the event, demonstrating strong community support for educational initiatives that empower youth through technology. Rey’s involvement emphasized the collective effort needed to uplift and support young learners, showcasing how community leaders can play a crucial role in educational success.

The partnership with LinkedIn, which provided an inspiring and welcoming space for the event, underscored the collective effort needed to support the next generation of tech leaders. LinkedIn’s support in hosting the event provided a professional and motivating environment for the students, highlighting the role that corporate partners can play in educational initiatives. The venue’s state-of-the-art facilities added to the event’s success, creating an atmosphere of excitement and possibility for the students.

Mission Bit is profoundly grateful for the support from AT&T, Human I-T, and all the individuals who contributed to making this event a success. By providing these laptops, Mission Bit is not only enhancing students’ learning experiences but also fostering a future where access to technology and quality education is universal. This donation is a critical step toward closing the digital divide and ensuring that all students have the tools they need to thrive in their academic and professional pursuits.

This event is a testament to the power of community collaboration in driving meaningful change and opening doors to new opportunities for students. It showcases how partnerships between corporations, non-profits, and local leaders can create lasting impacts, providing students with the resources and support they need to succeed. The laptops provided by AT&T are more than just devices; they are gateways to knowledge, creativity, and future opportunities.

Mission Bit looks forward to continuing its work with dedicated partners and supporters to ensure that every student has the resources they need to succeed. Together, we are building a brighter future, one laptop at a time. This collaborative effort exemplifies the potential of community-driven initiatives to make a tangible difference in the lives of young learners, empowering them to reach their full potential and contribute to the tech industry’s growth and innovation.

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