Mission Bit helps provide 150 turkeys to families in need

Cora Monokandilos | December 20, 2018
Categories: Insights

Potrero Hill Family Resource Center

This holiday season Mission Bit partnered with two organizations to provide 150 turkeys to families in need in San Francisco and Oakland.

Mission Bit and Young Community Developers, Inc. provided a total of 48 turkeys to families in the Potrero Hill neighborhood.


Mission Bit dropped off 30 turkeys at Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA) in Oakland. Maria Robles, Parent Coordinator of the Family Resource Center at CCPA, and other staff were preparing large boxes with milk, vegetables, and other food items for families this holiday season. Some boxes included turkeys, while others included chicken and fish.

We sometimes take something as simple as a turkey for granted. Believe it or not, not all families find it possible to buy a turkey, whether it’s for a Christmas dinner or not. The money saved on purchasing a turkey can be allocated to other monthly expenses. We appreciate our partnership with Young Community Developers Inc. and CCPA for making turkeys possible and bringing some holiday cheer.

We understand that learning how to code has the power to improve someone’s earning potential, but for families that may be struggling to make ends meet, meeting them where they are and making their holiday a little brighter is a way to the start the conversation about taking on a learning opportunity that can improve their circumstance.

When you support organizations like Mission Bit, you’re doing more than expanding access to a skill, you’re supporting the type of leadership that believes in leaving communities better than how they found them. We encourage you to join our cause by volunteering, spreading the word about our youth and adult courses or donating to grow our work at missionbit.com.

Our adult class begins on February 5th, sign up here or click here to learn more about Mission Bit.