Mission Bit partners with Golden State Warriors

Cora Monokandilos | June 6, 2018
Categories: Announcements


The Local Warriors program was created for PG&E and Golden State Warriors employees, players, coaches, and fans to volunteer their time and resources in the Bay Area’s most high-need communities.

Mission Bit created and led a coding workshop for dozens of children for the Warriors’ most recent event at the AACSA (African American Community Service Agency). This partnership with the Local Warriors and the AACSA is part of our strategy to align with community centers and the business community to expand learning opportunities for Bay Area students. Our workshops helped kick off the brand new AACSA space now spruced up with Warrior related renovations.

The Golden State Warriors Community Relations Manager, Myesha Brown, “loved having Mission Bit take part in this event. The young students were delighted to have coding classes focused on their favorite team.”

Our own Director of Curriculum & Technology, Juliana de Heer shared coding basics and a broader understanding of CS through app creation for the students in attendance on April 23rd. During each workshop session students worked on Warriors apps to keep with the Golden State Warriors theme of the day. “The students in this workshop gained valuable coding information and developed an idea of what CS can be” said Juliana when asked about the event.

We enjoy these workshops as they raise an interest in CS at an early age and allow a wide range of students access to Mission Bit if they chose to register for our courses. This is especially important as so many students in the Bay Area don’t have regular access to any type of coding classes. The majority come from low income communities without the means to pay for additional CS practice.

This is why Mission Bit is dedicated to bringing free coding classes to students in areas without the access or resources to CS in their schools in hopes of eliminating the tech divide. We want to reach 10,000 students by 2020.

Our Fall, Spring, and Summer registration is open to students from underserved and underrepresented communities. There are no GPA requirements and any San Francisco or Oakland high school student is encouraged to apply. Given the lack of diversity in the tech industry and our focus on equity we accept applications from students of color and girls who attend private schools in San Francisco as well.

We’re looking to do more coding workshops across the Bay Area. If you’re interested in having a workshop at your school or community center or a software engineer interested in sponsoring a workshops please contact us at info@missionbit.com