Meet the members of our Mission Bit community

Cora Monokandilos | January 11, 2019
Categories: Student stories

We hope our readers have been enjoying getting to know the different faces of Mission Bit, from students, teacher’s assistants, and volunteers. We’re back at it in 2019. We’re pleased to introduce you to one of our students, Susi. Susi recently completed her Fall semester with Mission Bit, read more about her below.

Susi at Mission Bit’s 2018 Fall Demo Day

Student Name:
Susi Lombardo

Game Design with Unity at Lincoln High School

Zodiac Sign:

Favorite Color:

Spirit Animal:

Why did you decide to take a course at Mission Bit?
I already have completed Intro to Web Design 101 course and enjoy learning code, i wanted to learn how to use Unity to further my knowledge in video game design.

What advice would you give to future students of the program?
Try your best to learn yourself but don’t be afraid to ask for help.

What problem in San Francisco do you think Technology should solve?


Student’s can sign up for our upcoming Spring 2019 semester here.


Volunteer Name:

Emily Dann, Arise High School In-Class Volunteer

Current Company/Venture:


Zodiac Sign:


Favorite Color:


Spirit Animal:


Why is it important for software engineers to volunteer with organizations like Mission Bit?

Every student should have the opportunity to learn about software engineering, in order to see if it is something that they might enjoy. Software engineering can open up so many doors for students, as there is such a high demand for the profession. The field of software engineering and the world of tech certainly have barriers to entry, so It is important for software engineers to volunteer with organizations like Mission Bit, in order to open up this world to all students.

What gives you hope about today’s high school students?

I was very impressed by the students that I worked with. Even after a full day of regular classes, they came to Mission Bit engaged and eager to learn about technology. In the game design class, they had incredibly creative and fresh ideas, that were exciting to watch grow and learn about.

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