Meet our friends in the Mission Bit community

Cora Monokandilos | December 20, 2018
Categories: Student stories

Mission Bit we like to celebrate the work that our teaching assistants and volunteers do year-round. We are proud to introduce you to our Oakland TA and volunteer who worked so hard this Fall semester. Check out them out below.

Meet Jehu Isaias Limon Franco!

Course: Intro Web Design & Unity Game Design TA at Arise High School

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Favorite Color: Red

Spirit Animal: Lion

Why did you decide to take a course at Mission Bit?

I took a Mission Bit course because it was something new. I never really knew about coding or about how websites were built. I just knew people made games and websites but like I said never really knew or understood how they were made. So once I heard what Mission Bit was about it caught my attention and I decided to check it out.

What advice would you give to future students of the program?

An advice I would give incoming students is to take the class seriously. It is a potential career that they might want so take it seriously and put in your best effort.

What problem in San Francisco do you think Technology should solve?

I feel like one problem San Francisco has is that money isn’t being used wisely. So someone should make an app that can divide up money wisely upon a company and help them manage their money.

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Meet Chris Tibbs!

Course: Arise High School In-Class Volunteer in Game Design

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Spirit animal: Kangaroo

Favorite color: Green

Company: Google, Inc.

My volunteering journey:
I’m originally from the East Coast, but when I arrived in the Bay Area and started working in technology I felt the need to give something back. I originally volunteered with an organization that provided food and clothing to people in need, but over time I focused my efforts where I’d be most effective and eventually chose tech education. For those who feel the need to serve their communities, I think it’s important to just start somewhere: the right opportunities will appear if you’re open to them.

Why is it important for SWEs to volunteer for organizations like Mission Bit?
Helping students learn software engineering is rewarding for all parties involved. It’s fun and inspiring to relive the magic of learning to use technology through the students. And the students benefit greatly from the mentorship of engineers that have survived the steep learning curve to become employable in the field.

What gives you hope about today’s high school students?
I see a lot of creativity in this generation of high school students. And that’s great because they’re growing up in a world with a lot of change — and where there’s a lot of opportunity for those who can forge their own path.

What problem in San Francisco or Oakland do you think Technology should solve?
I think that SF and Oakland are pretty saturated with technological solutions. I can find an electric scooter or order Mexican food to my apartment through my phone. That’s great (and I certainly don’t want to go back to a world without the scooters and convenient burritos), but I think we need to focus on ensuring that there are more winners in the economy that technology has created here.

Interested in becoming part of our volunteer team? Join us at our next volunteer orientation on Tuesday, January 8th. Sign up here or click here to learn more about Mission Bit.