Mission Bit & Booker T. Washington Community Center

Cora Monokandilos | August 14, 2018
Categories: Announcements

At Mission Bit, we have been deepening our partnerships with community organizations through our coding workshops. These events are an amazing way to spark creativity, start collaborations and build community with students that have never seen themselves as software engineers.


We couldn’t be more excited to do this work with the The Booker T Washington Community Center. The offer such a great variety of services which include, but are not limited to housing, pre-school, after-school tutoring, case management and workforce development programs. They are a true a gem of the San Francisco community.


We hosted our WordPress Workshop on Thursday, July 12th for an inspiring cohort of young adults. Our team showcased how technology is merely a conduit to share your opinions, ideas, and voice with the world. By using an Identity Map, each student can highlight values, causes, and issues that are important to them. Additionally, we offer students an opportunity to share their concerns while also contemplating how technology can be used to find a solution.

At Mission Bit, we believe a personal investment coupled with a desire for change can lead to extraordinary results. Each workshop has the potential to spark a new interest, a new career path, or a revolution!

Again, we were grateful to collaborate with mission driven community organizations like Booker T. Washington, who understand the intrinsic value of guiding the development of our young adults. If you’re interested in bring a workshop to your school, community center, church or neighborhood event please feel free to contact us at info@missionbit.com or give us a call at 415–879–5390. You can also click here to learn more about Mission Bit.