Cora Monokandilos | March 1, 2023
Categories: Student stories

Trent joined the Mission Bit Program in 2018 when his grandma signed him up for a summer class. Rather than signaling the end of his summer fun, the innovative Mission Bit program introduced him to new, like-minded friends and launched him toward a bright future.

“I first joined Mission Bit in 2018 thanks to my grandma. She signed me up for a class the summer before high school started and I thought It was going to make my summer super boring. I surely didn’t think that the random program she signed me up for would allow me to be immersed into the tech field, help me get internships and apprenticeships, and support me with getting into college.”

Mission Bit created a space for Trent to connect with other like-minded peers. During his summer program, Trent bonded with another student, Oscar, over a love of game design. They worked together on a project for Demo Day, the Mission Bit student showcase at the end of the semester. Trent and Oscar soon found that they also shared similar career aspirations. They even did an internship together in the Fall of 2018.

“From that [group project experience] we built a friendship outside Mission Bit, sharing interests. Having someone who has the same interests and the same career paths was a new kind of friendship. I didn’t have this before Mission Bit. We both became Student Advisors on SAB (Student Advisory Board), planned workshops at Mission Bit for peers, and both became teachers.”

Where is Trent today?

“Now, I’m at the University of San Francisco, studying computer science and media studies. Because of my experience with Mission Bit, I was able to marry my interests by creating a web portfolio of my photography and videography.”

Mission Bit is proud to help students like Trent explore their technology-related passions, create long-lasting friendships, and break into the tech field. If you would like to experience the same growth opportunity as Trent, our free summer coding bootcamps for teens are open for applicants!