Students are why we do what we do

Cora Monokandilos | August 11, 2021
Categories: Student stories

One of Mission Bit’s most involved students, Rafael Perez, has made it his goal to attend all five classes before college. Rafael has completed both JavaScript and Python courses in just one year. He hopes to major in Computer Engineering and return to Mission Bit as an instructor in the future. Rafael hopes his devotion to Mission Bit will help him in his AP Computer Science class and allow him to be a step ahead of other prospects in the college admissions process.

“Mission Bit offers in-depth coding classes that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. I would definitely (and already have) recommend Mission Bit to anyone that either wants or is interested in coding.” — Rafael Perez



Rafael is excited to add another Demo Day to his list of growing experiences in the near future. In past Demo Days, he has thoroughly enjoyed seeing work created by his peers and being able to share his project with the Mission Bit community. Rafael also expressed that he looks forward to seeing the projects students have done in the classes he has already taken.

“Through various Mission Bit events, I’ve learned a lot about the different careers being in tech could entail, which is extremely useful when I have to consider what I would like to do.” — Alyssa Wu

Mission Bit students, Esther Zeng and Alyssa Wu, have found events where they met professionals in tech unforgettable.

Alyssa found the Women In Tech conference held by Mission Bit to be her most memorable event. At the conference, the panelists talked about their careers and advised students who intended to go into tech. Alyssa has enjoyed these events held by Mission Bit as they have helped guide her in deciding if she wants to go into tech.

For Esther, learning about the coding community has broadened her perspective of the tech industry. A particular encounter with a tech professional, who mentioned that it is never too late to learn how to code, stuck with her. This very moment was a turning point for her as it changed her mindset about learning.

“I want to build off of the current knowledge I have gained to further expand my own code and be able to inspire others as well.” — Esther Zeng

Students like Rafael, Esther, and Alyssa are able to learn new skills, while feeling supported and included, because of Mission Bit’s strong learning environment. Support their learning when you donate, share, or follow our mission.

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