The Sisterhood of Women in Tech

Cora Monokandilos | April 1, 2021
Categories: Insights

While many professions and career paths are often clear or highlighted in mainstream media, tech still is unknown territory for many students regardless of gender. For young women to find role models in the tech field is an even more significant obstacle. Throughout the month of March (and really, every month), Mission Bit highlighted women in tech, from historical figures and pioneers in the field to young female professionals currently working to bridge the gap.

Here at Mission Bit, we strive to not only promote diversity in tech but do our best to create a community within those underrepresented demographics. Thanks to the help of volunteers from Women Who Code, this month Mission Bit hosted a mentorship event for female and non-binary students from all across the bay area.

On March 24th, Mission Bit Hosted the first-ever Sisterhood of Code: Women’s Mentorship event. This online speed mentoring event featured women from throughout the tech community ranging from veterans in the field to women just beginning their journeys in tech. This event provided a platform to inspire female students and provided them with the opportunity to form meaningful connections with women currently working in the industry. This inaugural event’s response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic and is only a start to the mentorship programs Mission Bit hopes to provide in the coming year

This event, like all Mission Bit events, was completely free and made possible by volunteers. Whether you are a student or volunteer interested in being a part of one of our upcoming events, visit us at Don’t forget to follow us on social media to connect and stay up to date with all of the fantastic events happening at Mission Bit!