Uncovering Mission Bit’s secret recipe for success

Mission Bit is a nonprofit organization that provides free technology education and career pathways to underrepresented and under-resourced students in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the heart of Mission Bit’s work are five core values: social justice, love, accountability, community, and smart risks. These values guide Mission Bit’s efforts to inspire and empower the next generation of tech leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Serving the community with social justice

Mission Bit believes in providing equal opportunities for underrepresented and under-resourced students. By offering free computer science education, Mission Bit is helping to level the playing field for these students that may not find the tech industry accessible. In Mission Bit’s core coding classes (Explore Code Academy), 66 percent of students identify as Black/Latinx, where the tech workforce only has 15 percent of employees identifying as Black/Latinx. Mission Bit’s goal is to create a more inclusive tech industry that reflects diverse perspectives and communities. Mission Bit’s commitment to social justice is reflected in its mission and free programming.

Students share what the social justice core value means to them:

  • “Social justice, because I think as a youth we should be standing up for current events that mean something to us and support people like us,” Kimberly A.
  • “The Mission Bit core value that means the most to me is social justice. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn about tech,” Trent T.

Leading with love

Love is a powerful force that can inspire and motivate people to do great things. At Mission Bit, love is about practicing empathy, honesty, and openness. By fostering a culture of love, Mission Bit is creating a safe and supportive space where students can learn and grow. This culture has resulted in 90 percent of students thinking computer science is fun after they’ve completed a Mission Bit course. This emphasis on joy has made love a key factor in Mission Bit’s success.

Embracing responsibility with accountability

Mission Bit believes in embracing the responsibility to inspire future generations. By holding itself accountable, Mission Bit is setting an example for its students and inspiring them to do the same. Accountability means being transparent, honest, and taking ownership of one’s actions. In 2022, Mission Bit’s commitment to accountability is reflected in its programs and partnerships.

Creating community

Community is at the heart of Mission Bit’s work. By cultivating a supportive environment of like-minded peers, Mission Bit is creating a sense of belonging for its students. One student shared why community was their favorite core value. They said, “Community because it is in our nature to help one another no matter our ethnicity.” This community provides a space for students to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. Mission Bit’s community extends beyond its students to include staff, volunteers, and supporters who share the organization’s values and mission.

“Community, because it is in our nature to help one another no matter our ethnicity,” Joseph M.

Supporting smart risks

Mission Bit believes in encouraging the pursuit of passions. Smart risks means taking calculated risks and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone to pursue one’s dreams. By doing so, Mission Bit is helping to create a new generation of tech leaders who are not afraid to take risks and innovate. This commitment to smart risks is reflected in Mission Bit’s programs and partnerships.

In conclusion, Mission Bit’s core values of social justice, love, accountability, community, and smart risks are essential for creating a more diverse and inclusive tech industry. By providing free technology education to underrepresented and under-resourced students, Mission Bit is helping to level the playing field and inspire the next generation of tech leaders. By fostering a culture of love, accountability, and community, Mission Bit is creating a positive learning environment where students can thrive. And by encouraging smart risks, Mission Bit is empowering its students to pursue their passions and make a difference in the world.

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