Verizon tech pros introduce Mission Bit students to 5G tech

Cora Monokandilos | June 28, 2021
Categories: Insights

Mission Bit students attended a virtual field trip with Verizon’s 5G Lab this Summer. During the trip, students were introduced to some of the latest projects members have been working on with the use of 5G, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

One of the featured projects was Verizon’s 5G AR Museum of Warships. This museum features video game developer and publisher Wargaming’s ships from their game, World of Warships. Users can see the ships by pointing a device’s camera to a flat surface and physically move with the camera to get a closer look. Both students and staff were in awe of the new technology.


“This is so cool!” — Ai Nakamura (Instructor)

“Okay, now that’s amazing!” — Ilyas Abdolcader (Student)

Students also received a detailed explanation from the professionals as to how much faster 5G is than 3G and 4G. In comparison to past networks, 5G is faster in relaying information due to its higher frequency. However, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength is. This means that although 5G is faster, it covers less area than slower networks.

Our guest speakers also shared their own backgrounds and career experience. Many of them are first-generation Americans, some of which do not have a degree relevant to the wireless business, and others have no degree at all.


Their career paths were all very different, with experience in the wireless business ranging from a few years to more than thirty. All of the lab members faced some sort of hardship in their career path, but their perseverance brought them to where they are today.

“There isn’t an ironclad requirement to be successful in the tech industry. Some of them had a degree that wasn’t remotely related to tech but still succeeded in having a career in the industry.” — Angelo Ramos

Their stories have impacted many of the students, one of which is Angelo. Hearing their experiences has motivated him to keep working hard and be grateful for the opportunities he has been provided here at Mission Bit. It has taught him that events like these allow opportunities for networking. Forming these connections can help him attain a job in the future that would not be found to be posted on job sites, even if he were to not have a lot of experience in the field.

“I will be keeping in mind what I learned during the field trip whenever I go to class, apply for jobs/internships, and whenever I spend a second in life.” — Angelo Ramos


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