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    Join us for an exciting field trip to Dell, a global leader in computer technology and innovation! This unique experience will give high school students an insider look at how cutting-edge technology and business acumen come together to drive the future of computing. During the visit, students will tour the Dell offices, meet with engineers and product designers, and learn about the processes involved in creating world-class hardware and software solutions, from concept to market release. This trip is perfect for aspiring tech enthusiasts, future entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the intersection of technology and business. Don’t miss this chance to explore the future of technology with one of the industry’s pioneers!

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    Come join us on a field trip to Dell in San Francisco!

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    Is this opportunity free?

    Yes, it’s 100% free!

    When will I be confirmed to attend?

    We will send your parent/guardian a permission form to complete before you can be confirmed!

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    Can I bring a friend?

    Yes, have them register as well!