About this event

    Demo Day is an exciting event that marks the end of a challenging journey for Mission Bit students. On this special day, students have the opportunity to showcase their incredible capstone projects to the Mission Bit community, including their peers, parents, mentors, and industry professionals.

    This event is not only a celebration of the students’ hard work and dedication but also a chance for them to demonstrate their creativity, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities. The projects presented cover a wide range of topics, from websites and apps to video games and interactive environments. Every semester we are impressed by the high level of innovation displayed in each project and the impressive teamwork and collaboration skills demonstrated by the students. Overall, Demo Day is a must-see event for anyone interested in technology or education and a testament to the potential of young people to make a positive impact in their communities and the world.

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    Where is this event?

    The location will be revealed when you purchase your ticket.

    Is this opportunity free?

    It is free for our current cohort of students and their family members. Otherwise, it is $25.

    Who can attend Demo Day?


    Is Demo Day virtual or in-person?

    It is in-person this semester!

    What skills do students demonstrate during Demo Day?

    Students have dedicated themselves to intensive project work for weeks, pouring their efforts and creativity into their creations. The upcoming Demo Day marks the grand culmination of their hard work and serves as a platform to showcase their final projects. Throughout the preceding weeks, they have received focused guidance and support from their instructors, who have nurtured their skills and provided valuable insights. This period of concentrated effort in the classroom has primed the students for the upcoming presentations, enabling them to demonstrate their newfound expertise and abilities. Demo Day promises to be an exciting event that showcases the remarkable progress and achievements these students have made over the course of their project-based learning journey.

    Who judges the students’ projects?

    We have volunteer judges from tech companies to judge the projects!

    What are the criteria used to evaluate projects?

    Students enter one of 3 categories: Innovation, Technicality, and Social Justice. Judges score the projects on a number of different scales like syntax and workability, and work together to determine the winners.